Witch Hunters: The Church's Right Hand, and Sigmar's Iron Fist

Who you are:

The Templar Witchhunters are the ultimate authority of the Church made manifest. They are burdened with a signle glorious purpose, the eradication of Chaos within the lands of man. Your prey has many forms, from the outright daemonic incursions brought about by dark ritual to the secretive cults and clubs spreading forbidden knowledge throughout the Empire. None can be spared the cleansing flame. Chaos is a cancer that must be stamped out or it will spread far and destroy all. You are that flame.

Who do you work for:

Short answer; the Church of Sigmar and the Grand Theoganist Volkmar von Hindenstern. But it doesn’t really stop there does it? You answer to Sigmar himself and he will not allow you to stop. Not while there is chaos left anywhere in the world. Not while the witches who channel the chaotic magic still draw breath.

Why are you here:

The foul taint of chaos does not stop at the edges of the Empire. Nor should your authority. The city of Marienburg may not officially recognise you or your office. But so what? Will that stop the forces of chaos that swell in the dark? I think not! You may have to play nice with city guard, who may not understand that a few… dozen need to be burned to to achieve peace, and their ‘legal restrictions’ for now. But what happens in the dark doesn’t really concern them now does it?

What are your tactics:

Your greatest weapon is the one thing every filthy chaos worshiper and their bestial allies lack. The mind. A witch hunter investigates, interrogates, and only then intervenes. With powder and imperial steel they strike down the impure without mercy or regret. Of course cleansing fire is another favoured tool of the Templar witch hunter. While not the best frontline fighter in the old world, few can evade a witch hunter on their trail and any hunter worth their blessed salt will be ready for the fight when it’s time to run their prey to ground.


Very nice! I like the narrative tone. Shadow Warriors next pls???

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Archmages next plz ._.

Good job Daedalus, all your lore posts are very nice info.

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