Witch Hunter or Shadow Warrior?

Which do you think is a better class for those with around average skills?

It would be hard to tell at the moment seeing as the game isn’t released and we know very little about the skills, stats and information about classes. Both classes are very similar though focusing on the DPS play style and both having the option for long range and close range combat.
It sounds like the Witch Hunter has more of a support role as it can cast debuffs on opponents possibly meaning for higher DPS, crit hits, evades, etc.
Where as the Shadow Warrior is more about evading opponents and sneaking around, so it sounds like the long range attacks would be the main choice for a Shadow Warrior and only need to use close range if necessary.

As the game isn’t released and we have little information about classes and we can’t tell if the classes in Odyssey are going to be the same as in other Warhammer games. But, as far as I can tell both classes are extremely similar in nature so either pick would probably fit an average skill player, at the end of the day they are both ranged dps characters with the ability to do close range fights, it just comes down to the fine details that will differentiate the classes from each other and that will make the choice easier.

Looks like I’ll be playing Witch Hunter. Close combat is more fun. Thank you for your analysis ^-^