Witch Hunter Builds / Tips

Having leveled my WH to 26, i thought i could share the build I’m running and open discussion for other ideas. Going to do this sort of long form to share my thought process…

anyway, first and foremost, i find the single most important ability to be the first one, quick shot. I would advise maxing this all the way to 6 before spending action points on anything else. It is simply the shortest CD, low cost, high damage ability that WH has… by far… I experimented with a variety abilities at first, and quickly realized that WH just can’t afford the energy cost of setting up mark combos, plus the abilities require significant action point spend to really start hitting hard. I see the design ideas behind all of it, but it just can’t compete with 6 second CD quick shot that does pretty huge damage. Anyway, after quick shot, ive moved on to maxing ‘Veteren’. At max rank, this provides 20% non physical and 10% physical resistance. I’m maxing this since all that I really do is quick shot, and this provides pretty solid passive mitigation to extend my health bar. You can max both quick shot and Vetern to lvl 6 by level 29. From here i will look at ranking up either accurate strike or flourishing strike as an extra burst option. Most likely flourishing strike since it does not require as much setup. Note that i picked sigmarite templar (the hand cross bow), and i have no idea if it is the better choice. It seems to have bleed abilities which i just do not use as nothing stays alive long enough to get value out of them while leveling, and they’d take a huge AP commitment to do anything meaningful in the first place. The pistol version may be better if it just does straight crits / flat damage more effectively.

Super exciting right? Basically a one ability spec… but it works for leveling and generates solid up time. Also… i do use mark if I’m soloing a 2 or 3 difficulty enemy. Depending on the enemies, i generally just pull with quick shot (ideally with 1 conviction for the bonus damage), and then auto attack it to death (most 1 difficulty dont even need a second quick shot). For higher difficulty with mark, I do quick shot > mark > 3x auto attack > quick shot > repeat auto attacks and quick shots

Far as stats go, I’ve just been using the auto placement thus far. If anybody has solid advise on this, feel free to share. I’ve found the auto to be relatively decent at sprinkling in some energy / accuracy / wounds while focusing on the weapon skill and initiative that helps keep me alive. Another random note, but i find myself preferring initiative over wounds, as this is a game of sustain (taking less damage over multiple mobs) than simply having a high hp pool to survive a single stronger fight. You’ll end up eating far more often if you were to say, put all of your initiative into wounds.

Anyway, that is my experience thus far. Hope this can help a new player as there is little info on this game. Also curious what others have to add.

I have went auto stat up until 10, but after that i alternate between every other levels. Weapon skill; Accuracy; initiative; wound; focus; leader.2;2;1;1;0;0 then 2;1;2;0;0;1
I found I’m a bit low on energy, probable cos i haven’t bump any of my skills pass level 2 yet cos haven’t decide which skill is good

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Hmm yeah, auto may be not giving enough accuracy as well so that could help.

My pure auto up thru 27 now is this: 57/31/48/31/5/14

Accuracy and initiative seem to be rarer in large chunks on gear, so maybe ill eventually move wounds into accuracy or something, since i can make up for that easily. Ability-wise, i did the same thing until resigning to maxing out quick shot. Feels like they need to reduce the CDs / cost on some of the other abilities to make them compete with how straight forward rank 6 quick shot is.

I switched from pistol to hand bow because I noticed early on that the pistol can scattershot if 2 mobs are close and draw them both into the fight. If that is something you want then stick to the pistol. I like the pistol sound best but I don’t mind the hand bow as it seems to fit the witch hunter vibe. The auto stat seems to work pretty good it choses different than what I was thinking. Seems like it always gives first choice to weapon and initiative stats, then accuracy and wounds at a lower amount, no matter which class I have tried the auto on. I have to say that the result is better damage and the initiative causes mobs to miss hitting me as much. You will have to do some choices yourself for the last 2 stats. If you start missing hits then add some accuracy.

Auto does vary some based on class and then the spec that you choose. For example, my warrior priest that is lv 20 started with preferring WS and wounds with some leadership, and then after i went healing spec, it started heavily preferring focus in exchange for less wounds and WS.

My WH is 36 now and i actually use a pistol even though i am bow spec. The pistol is just the best weapon that ive found, and i don’t actually use any of the abilities unique to bow. Still run the build detailed in this post, and have flourishing strike at rank 4 now, which is the max damage for the ability. The last 2 ranks just reduce CD which i dont care for right now. Anyway, it reliably hits for over 4000 damage is and definitely super strong as a compliment to max ranked quick shot. I’ll probably use my last few AP upgrading mark to reduce its CD