Will there be matchmaking?

Will there be a matchmaking system? I heard that there will be some dungeons or instances in this game, and if they’re grouped based I think a cross server matchmaking system would be well appreciated. Of course there would still be the advantages of running dungeons with a well organized guild, but it would allow for those who enjoy running around solo a shot at some dungeon loot. Given that this is a mobile game, you can expect to see a lot of solo players.

It’s a system that I’ve always appreciated in other larger MMOs, and should be something worth considering.

Cross-server would be fantastic. As far as guild stuff what would be cool is if you had people form a group (like in Celtic Heroes) with a party leader. If the leader chose to do a dungeon, then they would all go as that group. Otherwise, if say you needed 4 people to do a dungeon and had a group of 3, then you would go into matchmaking and find that 4th person to fill the spot.

… hope that makes sense.

If I read right, the guild function is to help people group up easier. I’d like something more laid back than some MMOs where you compete with other clans for everything. It would be amazing to be able to group up with random people and not have to worry about gearing your competition.

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I would like a matchmaking system. No reason there shouldn’t be a way I could que for a dungeon.