Will CH server issues be transferred over to Odyssey?

In total Celtic Heroes has 19 servers which is a major issue for an MMORPG that doesn’t allow cross world travel. Back when I started playing CH in 2011, if memory serves me correctly, there were at least 15 servers and for a fairly new MMORPG in the market that was still a lot of servers and I fear that Odyssey will fall under the same fate CH did if they follow the same server layout and approach CH did which would be a major shame.

  1. CH never allowed server transfers of players even though players requesting server transfers goes back as far as 8 years
  2. If you wanted start on a new word you would have to be starting from absolutely nothing which is a brutal thing to do
  3. Instead of there being a global economy which is more beneficial to a game each world has there own economy
  4. As players come and go player counts will obviously fluctuate which means some worlds may suffer extremely from low player counts and interactivity, leading to ghost servers
  5. Top players / guilds will dominate the one world leaving no competition for bosses / raids

I could go on with this list but that is just what I experience from playing CH over the years. I know there was a post similar to this one which got a reply with a dev Q&A which I’ll quote here

MMORPG: Will the game launch with multiple servers or use a megaserver?

James York: The game will use multiple servers. However, we plan to use a variety of server approaches to keep the world busy and full of players.

That response is fairly vague and different meanings can be taken from what was said. I just hope that we can travel between worlds instead of being permastuck in worlds.

Apologies if this has already been answered, I am new to the forums and didn’t find anything about this topic.

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Check out my topic on Free Server! (Epona) its aiming for a free server non domination where the whole server works together to defeat bosses like epona from ch does if u have any questions please share!

@PixelRage I don’t think players should be allowed to transfer worlds whenever they like because it could easily be abused.
I’ll use Celtic Heroes as an example

Let’s just say 9 people on your sever have white hunter sets and your one of them and the set sells for about 4 million on your sever so you transfer to a different server where they only have 2 people with white hunter sets and the set on this new server sells for about 9.5 million and you sell it, then you beg VR to let you transfer servers one more time so you transfer back to your original server. You just made a profit of 5.5 million just by transferring servers.
I think 1 server transfer max could maybe be allowed if you emailed support and had a good reason.

Also games don’t need a global economy just let each server have its own economy and competition is what makes games fun I would love to see multiple clans compete for gear.