Why is healing designed this way?

I hope developers read these forums and interact with their player-base.

As of now, the warrior priest does not have many healing skills on their toolbelt, and the ones they have are almost indistinguishable from each other.

First lets address the fact that healers are not allowed to lean into their specialization and heal, because cooldowns are too long.

Healing Hands, should be changed to be the bread and butter of this specialization, much in the way overcast is a mechanic of the Archmage, but this spell is only cast-able once every 20 seconds (with max action pts,) has a 3 second cast time, is interruptible and costs about 10-15% of the priests energy pool (depending on stats.) Also lets not mention it has no range, and is only comparable to Earthblood with max action pts in Sigmar’s Reach.

I do not understand why their is such a high cooldown on this spell and no range especially when in-combat energy regeneration is figuratively non-existent, and the mana cost alone would limit the use of this spell. Not to mention the range, this spell gains additional cast time in a group scenario because the player is forced to run next to the target before casting it, adding in another 2-3 seconds depending on who you are trying to heal. This cannot be countered by the argument to use Sigmar’s Touch because this spell sits at a 25 second cooldown with max action points and also has a 1 meter range.

And the only two heals as of now are single target 3 second casts. This makes healing a group of 3 or more very difficult. This doesn’t even account for heal potency and stats, as I have an archmage at half level of my warrior priest putting out twice the heals with one spell, because focus is used for both healing and damage with that class, where warrior priest get a majority of their healing potency from focus and their damage from weapon skill.

Additionally, Sigmar’s Touch has a lame effect of half potency when cast on self, why? Again, long cooldown, and cast time, and it is interruptible prevents this from being abused, and again not to mention mana consumption which this takes more of, makes this the least efficient self heal by more than double compared to Healing Hand, so outside of group, unless one is desperate to stay alive this heal shouldn’t even be considered.

I will also add, that other players when grouping do not realize how nerfed healing is in this game, and have unreal expectations for the healer given these mechanics, as many don’t expect all these limitations on healing, especially the cooldown.

I doubt this class will see significant rework, but if there is some theme here about it being a short range melee healer, there are templates in other games that work better. Heck, look no further than Age of Reckoning/Return of Reckoning and you can see a warrior priest heal mechanics that becomes more effective when melee-ing. Their party makeup was what I think this game is going for, 2x2x2.

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Honestly i think that the way forward for battlepriests is to be an off tank the way things are currently
The way to heal is kill the enemy to reduce damage taken from tank. And weapon skill does up healing by roughly 80% of the effectiveness of an equal amount of points in focus.

I play a tank myself and most of the time i need a bit of heals in between my shields cuz i can tank the damage.

Bur yea cant expect to tank with a dps if you have a healer

I think you are correct. I just tested and moved all my points in focus to weapon skill and did not lose much in healing potency. From here on out I will not put points in focus. I am going to test some other builds with my action points and try to put more points into damaging abilities and see if that makes a better experience. But I think straight healer isn’t best for small groups and solo at this point.

Yea i think maxxing 1 heal is good but not both
Also i think the armor buff is a very good one double armor at all times sounds dope