Why Do You Play Mobile MMOs?

I am curious as to why you guys are all so keen on this game, what makes you play a mobile MMO such as WH:O over PC or console MMOs?

For me it is is convenience and that fact that it suits my lifestyle. I can play whilst I commute and also whilst I multi-task, i.e. watch tv etc.

1st. Mobile games have long established themselves in the market no less than computer games.

2- game Warhammer Odyssey is a mobile game made by a very respected team, and the promises that they give they keep them.

the game itself carries all the very things that the player wants, it is a great hope for a high-quality and better MMORPG game on the phone.

I already played many games, now there is almost no one that has delayed you in the game and was a pleasure, not slavery of the game and forced to keep you 24/7 so as not to lag behind other players. Where you can go at any time and play on par with everyone.


I find that they are more casual plus they are just easier to access. I really only grew up with an iPod, the extent of my MMO experience on PC was Runescape but I got into mobile MMO’s heavy when I found Order and Chaos and then moved to celtic heroes and just never went back into PC MMO’s. I played Black Desert for a bit but it’s very auto play and just never got into it but there was a lot to explore in that game and the visuals were extremely nice.

Haven’t played an MMO in a long time though but when I heard about WHO it looked really interesting and it wasn’t auto play and hopefully won’t be pay to win (P2W is the main reason I never got into another mobile mmo) Also it’s really easy to build up multiple characters cause even if you don’t have another device you can always use an emulator which requires very little PC power

tldr; easy access to play and more casual, can play multiple characters at the same time

Mobile is a much more niche market and I love the ability to always have some of my favorite games with me at my fingertips.

Don’t get me wrong. I love playing classic online MMOs, RPGs and the like on my console. (Never cared for a PC setup. I move around a lot so that’s a lot to take and move with you).

Why am I attached to this game in particular? Well I played Celtic Heroes growing up. I loved the style of the game and it was unlike any other. The closest that came to it was Order and Chaos. But they were still so different.

And after seeing the visuals from this game, I was so happy to see the same ambiance touted in CH being carried over. And what I mean by that is the 3D aspect and how it was so carefully handled in CH to run as smoothly as possible is also being used here just in a slightly altered form. At least that is what I am expecting.
Hopefully we’ll know more with the game’s release how much has changed and if the animation within the 3D environment is as smooth as CH.

I grew up on PC MMO’s like EverQuest, Lineage, Anarchy Online etc etc, but the fact of the matter is there hasn’t been a good new PC MMO in years. Most of the mobile ones I’ve played are actually better than most of the PC releases like Bless Online.

I still mess around with the older MMO’s that are actually good from time to time, but they’re just old and I’ve been looking for something new for many years. While most mobile MMO’s are also pretty bad, there have been quite a few that I’ve found enjoyable.

I’ve always felt the most exciting part of playing an MMO is just stepping in to a new world that someone else created and even if the game turns out to be crap, I almost always enjoy that first few minutes or hours or weeks until it turns out that way.

Thing is though, I play mobile MMO’s on my PC the majority of the time. It is nice to have on the go when needed as well, though.

Yeah the fact that mobie game equals pc game is pretty awesome. Play on mobile whist you commute or are out, get home and play on pc via emulator.

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my reason i love mobile mmorpg games… im a mommy and love gaming but NEED to be mobile while playing so I can check on my kiddos. :wink:


Nice, well i’m not a father but definitely as a husband my wife hates if im locked away in another room on the PC, so mobile gaming keeps me in the good books :books: :joy:


It will let you Play anywhere and anytime you want as long as you have access with the Internet.

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I wonder if the participants were chosen or not… :frowning:

PC is superior in other aspect of course, have bigger screen, better RAM and memory and better reflex because of keboard and mouse,but mobile is more convenient, just like other, you can almost play anytime and anywhere,even when you’re busy, during break, in public places like park, having a long way ride, or simply some get together in your friend’s house while playing with other friends

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Easy :smirk: my wife complains less when I’m just on my mobile


The flexibility it offers, I can bring the iPad to the living room and play a bit while the kids are busy and also walk while I play (to beat my 20k steps/day target), sit outside, while traveling, etc.