Who's from CH?!))

Greetings, Heroes! I wonder how many of us are from Celtic Heroes goin to start here? What class u wanna try out? Have u tryed already beta? What server have y’all been playin in CH?) I’m awaiting for WH:O release. Amd wishin u all the best in new Game ;3


Hey welcome!! I used to play Celtic heroes off and on from 2011-2018 stopped playing when the gardens expansion came out never played blood Thorne stuff so maybe 2017?

I was a fashionista on Taranis server, and I also had a EDL mage on Nuada server When it was released with the android/ios merge. Thousands and thousands of hours into the game combined between a few accounts

Since I’ll be here for this Game release I’ll be able to try out all of the classes. I will main an DPS archmage but I’ll get all of them to level 50 and see what’s what. Eventually I will keep and play 2 accounts for end game. 2nd one will be determined by what seems to be needed in my regiment(clan) if we need a tank or heals or support

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Welcome to the community! I’m personally not from CH, Played it very little… Sadly. However I do know there are tons of people from CH, Make sure to stop by the official discord. https://discord.gg/whodyssey

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Ty. Yep i know alot ppl myself as my friends mostly waitin for WH. Same i do. Im myself from Donn, started in summer 2014. That was cool time when hardest boss was brutus and crown ahah oldie understands))) When added new servers i tryed as many ppl that time nuada … that was interesting adventure! I used to play druid in CH but dot/dps with heal only for bossin. So im awaitin for WH and wanna try archmage or shadow warrior with bow wep.

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Woah seems u have a good plan already. Have u played WH beta? I used play dot /dps druid so i wanna try archmage here too. And i came to nuada as many did when it released as well )))) that was crasy but good time when server started

Hey, @Anto!
Been a CH player for a bit off and on (Lugh). I’m hoping to try out the shadow warrior :smiley:.

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Nice! Glad to hear it. I would like to try this class too if testin bow wep :face_with_monocle:

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I’m from CH, started that game early 2012 during the Yuletide 2011 event on Belenus. The game isn’t the same as it once was so I’m here hoping for a better experience than the one CH has to offer.

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I come from CH too. I’m from Donn I play the game since 2014 and until today I play on the same server I’m infernomago.

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I come from CH. A few short years of fun but always regretted not finding it sooner.
I’m most looking forward to the Warrior Priest class atm. Along with the Witch Hunter and Shadow Warrior as my second/third choices respectively.
I hope to see you in game for this adventure! :call_me_hand:

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I have seen ya in Donn im sure. Dont u a in Concordia , at least was when i have played. ;3

For sure me n my CH friends awaiting for VH to come n play this adverture!

Yes yes is me. I’m of concordiia clan

I’m from CH as well, been playing that since 2012 (almost entirely on Sulis), though I mostly stopped playing over a year ago. I still keep up with the community though, and am still passionate about it!

I’m excited to see what VR can do - they’ve gotten a lot of flak from CH players since they took over development, because they haven’t devoted much time to expanding on CH. It’s nice to see what they can actually do!

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I’m from CH. Been playing since 2011, for the most part haven’t stopped, would love to get in on start of this game, ch has tanked a little in fun but that’s probably due to the fact that I play Herne I don’t know about the class I want to start as either, WHO will be a fun new experience

I’m from ch too, wasnt too High level only 120. I started 2014 and quit last year October. Really missed the game tbh I loved the grind, however now this game is coming and I’m thrilled to play it especially with the CH heroes community. Maybe we can bring back Blood Thirsty or Whykicamoocow #Fingal