Who played Warhammer: Age of reckoning?

I did, and loved It a lot… Followed It a couple of years before It was released and played a couple of years after the release… I almost cried seeing the server shut down…

I hope this new mmo will give the same emotions that AoR gave me…

Ah, I loved so much the black orc class… but I already know we won’t have It :frowning:


I was there first year and enjoyed it very much. I forgot who was the guy that was leading our faction and siege the enemy’s City for the first time ever in all servers. So much coordination and hard work for many hours. I’m still thrill thinking about that moment when we broke the enemy City gate; such an excitement experience lasted years. WAR had done something that no other MMO games have done before in term of ORvR and PvE public quests. Sad that EA greed killed the greatest game ever made.
BTW, we preferred to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning as WAR i believe.

There’s a way You can play WAR, not officially though. But this may help to pass the time of waiting for Odyssey Open Beta.

Yes I played it for some time. Really liked the public event quests when it was still populated. Trying to do as many as possible in the given time to try to get the top spot for best reward. :smiley:

Never really became high level tho. Not sure why. Remember I had like 6 or 7 different toons around level 20-25. Never became higher so never tried endgame.

Yeah i played from launch and loved it. I don’t have a gaming PC right now or i would be trying out the private Return of Reckoning server(s) for sure. In the meantime patiently waiting for Odyssey to be released so i can play shadow warrior again.

I like WAR and played it for two years; it was a great game but I hope Odissey is better though. I wish to enter the closed Beta to play at last Warhammer on iOS. I will buy a new phone just to play Odiasey with full force!

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But it’s not, ha ha.

Played for a year, enjoyed my time with it but then it died, I’m just hoping this community won’t give up on Odyssey.

Man at this point there could be dwarves in tutu’s and i’d still play it.

for any dev’s reading this… i’m kidding please don’t.

You can still play it… I started today got to lvl 8 DE before work felt great pvp popped in less then 1min at lvl 5 saw others new players trying to lvl and like i said pvp popped in no time so there where people on both sides. Yet to try the RvR yet but chat was busy with warbands recruiting and people looking for groups of other content. Its free to DL and play and no micro store!!!

I’ve heard from ppl that the pve is quite dead though, might pick it up again though