Where the Shadow Warriors at!?

I was really expecting to see a couple posts and more people excited for the Shadow Warrior.


Я тоже ожидал но увы воинов тени на форуме не так много

Hopefully more will come in the near future.

I’m here! Don’t start the party without me!

I was originally planning to be one of the Archmages, but after doing some more research into the lore (I’m new to the universe) I realize that Shadow Warriors are totally the best group.

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Heck yeah! Shadow Warrior definitely won’t be my main, But it’ll be my first Alt for sure!

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The shadow warriors are too busy partying at the Elven Nightclub

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Hope I’m not too late! I just recently decided Shadow Warrior was going to be my first toon. After learning more about Warhammer, though, I’m excited for all the classes and seeing what each can do!

I’m here!
(finally got forum account working :smiley: )
Ranged and sneaky ftw, easy first toon choice (although all have some very appealing qualities… might make one of each to play with, but def leaning SW overall).


For sure! I think ever class will be fun. I just can’t wait to get into the game and start breaking down each class a little bit more

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I gonna be any that use a how…like in Celtic heroes

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Bows are definitely really cool weapons (both to shoot IRL, and just in general). I usually prefer archer classes in most games that I play - they tend to fit my preference to hang back and snipe people, then run away and snipe them again.


Yes! And hopefully the level cap is not to high when they open up the game so I can play all other classes too

Likewise, If the level cap isn’t high to start with, I’ll probably make as many characters as I can! haha.

Shadow Warriors unite :ok_hand:

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The latest info about the level cap was from several months ago, but it was initially planned to be level 50. That could of course have changed since then, and it doesn’t really mean anything about how easy it will be to get to the cap, but it does show that there most likely won’t be a massive number of levels that you have to get through.

That being said, I don’t think that it will necessarily be easy to hit the level cap (at least I definitely hope not), because if players can fly through most of the game, VR would have to be planning on various hooks to keep endgame players interested…which might be tricky if there are no dungeons or PVP at launch (not confirmed recently, but that was the original plan).


I’ll probably start with a SW (played one quite a bit in Warhammer Online along with KOTBS). Can’t wait to play one again.

Very informative! I’m getting excited and decided to chose SW as my first toon also.


Im still thinkin what to choose archmage is what i like playin CH with druid class as heal+dot/dps . But shadow warr with bow very exciting. More then ranger class in CH

Right here fellow brother and sisters in arms!

Verdade amigo, realmente a interação da comunidade no fórum em relação aos shadow warriors ou a qualquer outra classe é quase ínfima, infelizmente o fórum se resume ao jogo que também não tem interação alguma no chat.