Where is my White Lion!?

Coming from the old Age of Reckoning. I really want this game to add White Lion!


This game is going to be completely separate from WAR. At launch the game will only have the 6 classes they have advertised thus far. Once the game launches, depending on how it is received and how it does financially, they may look to add more classes over time. Welcome to the forums @Beej1986.

Other common questions that have come up can be found here:

Or here in this interview that also asked if other classes will be added:

Hope you enjoy your stay here and if you have more questions feel free to ask!

EDIT: Here are the two quotes:

MMORPG: Do you plan on adding additional classes along with future content releases?

James York: We will initially focus on the gameplay experience for the first 6 character classes and then we can evaluate if more are needed.

MMORPG : Any future thoughts or plans for classes based on evil races such as orcs, dark elves, or even the forces of Chaos?

James York: Nothing is planned at this stage Our main focus is to immerse players in a living, breathing Warhammer Fantasy world and so the setting we are creating suits certain classes/races more than others.


White Lions are the elite bodyguard of the phoenix king, they’re quite rare outside of Ulthuan, and usually deployed in groups to see specific things done. A white lion who’s bonded with the animal white lion are even more rare, and don’t visit cities often. The big cat is aggressive by nature, and their hides can deflect a lot of weapons not designed to pierce armour. I doubt we’d realisitally see anything like that in Marienburg.


I personally would love a Bretonnia Knight class, even Age of Reckoning left that out. So many amazing options I hope they eventually capitalize on.

I’ve said the same, I feel a Bretonnian Knight and Grail damsel would be perfect new class editions. They make sense with the gender lock as well.

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It’d be nice to see some new class expansions come out later down the road.

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