What's your name?

Just a fun topic while waiting.

Because we’re thinking now what will be our IGN when the game come. I come up with this name.

So, if you’re going to make a lore(story) for your character.What will be his/her real name (not nickname nor title) which is related to Old World Warhammer, to his/her race, class,role, gender? A name that we can say that your character belongs to this world.
I’ll give mine as an example

Race: Dwarf
Class: Engineer
Role: Support
Gender: Female (for now since gender lock)
Name(with surname): Gyglin Runedigger


Race : Human
Class : Warrior priest
Role : Healer
Gender : Male
Name : Avaldur

Haha i will keep my cards close to my chest as i am hoping my name doesn’t get taken!