Whats everyone playing currently?

I don’t have a gaming PC at the moment (will be getting another one in the next few months i hope) so i’ve been playing android games exclusively for quite awhile. Sort of gave up trying to find a mmo to play on mobile (tried a ton) so just playing the occasional ARPG and sometimes fire up AdventureQuest 3D when i feel like some casual questing.

What are you all playing? Any recommendations?

Neverwinter nights,Titan Quest, Pascal Wager

I enjoyed “order and choas” on android. Was about as close to a wow like experience as you can get. Basically any game by Gameloft. Im a pc gamer tho, so mainly warframe, assassins creed odyssey

Been playing a bit of Villagers And Heroes, AQ3D, Eve Echoes And BDO but i feel like we gonna feel let down if we don’t get any more updates on development soon

I looked at OaC/OaC2 but most of the stuff i read made it sound like they were dying (no updates, low player community). I guess i could install it and see if its worth playing even just doing solo stuff.

I am playing moba mlbb since 8months because I couldn’t find any interesting/long term mmorpg after Crusaders of Light and World of kings.

Oac is dead but it was an amazing game. It was pretty much WoW on mobile, then they made it p2w but I think Warhammer odyssey will be better, maybe try Villagers and heroes. It’s cross platform but the graphics are outdated in my opinion, they just released a new update too

I play EVE online; but I’m tired of it and waiting for the release of Warhammer:Odissey, that will be much different.

Nothing for now, I’m only playing 2 genre, MMORPG and MOBA, but the MMORPGs that I already played I think promising and suit my type of gaming for me are( but of course there are some minimal meh system)

*Life after
*Dragon Raja
*Albion Online
*Toram Online
*SAO:Integral Factor
*Aurcus Online
*EVE echoes
And not existing game anymore
Mabino Fantasy life

Villagers and heroes, aurcus online, are my main two at the moment, a little bit of CODM and pubgm sprinkled in

Celtic Heroes lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Genshin impact just came out :eyes:

Now I’m just waiting til 3am UK to play Genshin Impact

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I’m just playing Celtic heroes :man_shrugging: