What will your playstyle be?

Are you going to try to focus on healing? Have a damage based approach? Or are you going to try to be a jack of all trades and do both healing and damage in one build?

Im going to go in a all damage approach, demolishing everything in my path, mauhahaha!

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I typically start out as a healer to get easy groups and raid spots and will likely start that way here depending on how groups work.


I’ll probably do major damage with healing as a secondary. I’d like to be “support” more then healing, dealing with specific enemies that may be an issue to the party.

Have you given a look at the Engineer at all? They seem like they will be focused on support more than heals.

I am giving it some thought, but I have four tabletop AMs, so I’m kinda bias to them :p. I’m also concerned auto-turrets might be a little tooo techy for dorfs after the war of the beards.

Yeah for sure. I think I have changed my style a little on my AM and will focus on damage first to level and then switch to heals for dungeons and raids. Slayer is staying damage. I will not be tanking.