What type of camera do you prefer in an MMO?

Personally, I am a fan of playing in the third person, I feel better mobility and vision range.:heart_eyes:

But I am praying that it is not in Isometric Perspective :angry:

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Well I for sure dislike first person views in an mmorpg. That being said I hope the camera is fully rotatable and 3D like that of old Order and Chaos Online and not just stuck in one place like Royal Blood for instance. I like being able to swing my camera to see different views or what is around. That being said it’s probably a lot more cost effective to lock the camera and if players can’t see behind certain things you don’t have to fully develop every asset in the world.

for me shooting and racing games are the ones that the first and second person should use …

But in MMORPG, the third person would be the wow camera type…

why do I get bored quickly of games with an isometric perspective like the Mu is, since what is the point of personalizing your character with articles of appearance if you cannot enjoy every angle by saying a ball gown or a hat.


third person like celtic heroes


I’m pretty confident it’s going to be third person.

Lol have you played Celtic heroes

Who are you replying to?

First person, or very close view.

First person master race. Got to have that immersion.

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In Celtic Heroes it is indeed 3rd person, but you also have the ability to zoom in and out freely, even going into a “first person” like mode… but the camera is positioned at like chest level and you can’t see your weapons or anything like that. A supported first person view would be awesome along with the given 3rd person view

I’m more for 3rd person, but I’d like the ability to go back and forth between 1st and 3rd with a tap of a button, kinda like you would in Skyrim. The “1st person” mode in CH is just boring, and I only use it for screenshots. Would be cool to be able to see your weapons when in combat.

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Definitely mostly use 3rd person, but if there’s a “cinematic view” where you can pull the camera away from your character and get a better view of things, I’d love it.
Meh on 1st person, I do think Skyrim did it well, but even then I mostly like 3rd person. 1st person would be great for RP type play especially on NPC dialogue.

ESO has a great first person view as well, something that was translated over from Skyrim

I definitely would like to use 3rd person more then anything, as it gives me more field of view, especially as a PvPer it’s nice to have. I would also enjoy 1st person however I feel as if it might be a bit difficult for a mobile game.

And as Mind was saying, being able to leave your character in camera mode would be awesome to make some screenshots with.

I like to have third person option but with a big zoom in and zoom out. If you zoom in at maximum you can see the action almost as first person and if you zoom out far away you can see the global action and your team mates in a dungeon, or war, etc

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