What spec are you guys running Warrior Priest

Healer or Tank? Curious on what spec everyone will be playing this class as. This will definitely be my first class though.


Tank first 100% then switch to heals to see how it goes.


Definitely tank, my wife and me play together, I usually go tank and she goes healer, don’t expect that it will be different this time :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds like a great duo!

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I will level up and then go full healing for dungeons.

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I like playing both tank and healer. But I’m very excited to play tank in this game.

Is there any information yet if Dungeons and groups will be 5 man?

Not yet but testing should be happening soon!

Definitely Tank, unless a hybrid is possible and useful.

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What about shield blocking? I mean here is tons of WoW mechanics, but warrior-tank didn’t have any passive protection, and im not about armor/health pool. I have a shiled but i can’t use it, feels like Im just a fat piece of meat with low DPS and holy shield with big 1min CD.

Tank spec. Im running a full AoE build, maxed Armour of righteousness and maxing the first aoe attack. I got to lvl 20 and got the aoe threat atk, geared up decently and then at lvl 21 i soloed Greyfang lvl 15, four skulls boss at drakwoods, even tho i used like 10 small potions lol