What could be the best/not to complicated Class to choose to start off as a Beginner's Guide for the Game?

Easy class to run down the basics of the game.

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This will be tough since players haven’t gotten a chance to play yet, but they will soon.

I would recommend the Slayer or Witch Hunter.

  • Slayer is strong and has the ability to sustain himself during fights.
  • Witch Hunter is agile and has skills to disable opponents.

Both classes don’t have to worry about managing other things like turrets or other player’s health. Learn more about each class by reading our Class Previews on the official website:


This is Truly Helpful!

Warrior Priest seems like a good option as well, due to (what seems to me) to be the better balance of survivability while still dealing damage.

To be perfectly honest, none of the classes seem like they would be “difficult” to start with…but we will have to wait until open beta to find out!


Hopefully, the game provides a good starting walkthrough of character features as you go so that you get eased into the more strategic bits of the game. But I would think that the support classes would be a bit more complex (less about me and more about my party).


I’m sure the devs are ready fof that.

Skills will probably be unlocked as you level up, so i imagine the learning curve will be quite manageable


This has me thinking what would the most difficult class to play be? Maybe an engineer because you have to keep track of your turrets but a warrior priest could also be hard because you will most likely be the one tanking the boss and trying not to die and keeping aggro on the boss could be pretty hard.