What Bugs are hindering your game

What Bugs are causing bad player experience, lag, mobs, skills etc… Name them

Party bugs are the worst, the loading interface whenever u want to access your inventory the Auction house is a pain also, loading loading loading, some times character attacks without you doing it, to go to another map need to close game and reopen because it stays loading for ages, some times it works fine. The most excruciating bugs i can list

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Questbugs (you cant finish them, or some thing’s simply even there…) Bossbugs: don’t spawn, or dropping same thing’s all time (maybe it should be??) npc bugs; for example - I can activate fast travel points with usually questing. Another even higher player have done all open quests, but it didn’t work - so until now he haven’t fast travel spots on lvl 30+ map … that’s not fun in team or anything else…

Cya in game: JKH

Ouch not be able to fast travel must be the worst… Another thing that hinders greatly is that menu button on the left close to the move button when in combat i want to move the camera to see another mob and opens inventory in mid of the fight stays loading and when u close u are half life… 2 problems here bad place for menu allocation and loading loading loading inventory, same in Auction house turn one page loading loading and i have a good phone…

Found a bug quite interesting some parts for the map in Suid when mob is taken to close to walls u miss mostly all hits when u take mob away from walls hits land normally… But for most please Devs party bugs need to get fixed urgently, when u party all sorts of bugs come along making players have to relogg, exit game and reopen, the chatt menu sometimes works sometime it doesn’t, it’s really sad. Other one is when u where part of a group and u leave exit game and then come back u are back in that group, or sometimes if you are in the same map u can read the conversation of another group with a player you had grouped with.

loading interface is so slow please fix

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Please Devs the menu icon beside the move button is a pain, any where else but where it is now, sometimes in midst fight or group it opens

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Shadow Warrior with the Path of the Veiled Arrow skill line here…
I think I cant skill anything past the skill “Ambush”. I’m already lvl 34 with 6AP but it does not tell me when the next skills are unlocked or what they do

I hate the bug that from time to time my 1 or up to all of my skills are blocked. I can tap on them but nothing happens… ouch

Hoje o bug que atrapalha os healers são o de usar skill em npc . Isso atrapalha muito e acaba matando o jogador poderiam resolver isso simplesmente bloqueando cura em NPCs outro bug que atrapalha muito a experiência do jogador é que sempre uma skill para de funcionar e você precisa sair do jogo e entrar novamente .

Meu jogo está saindo sozinho…

There’s this extremely annoying bug where it sais your party is full but it’s not. It seems like when someone’s in your group and they log off without leaving the group the game thinks they’re still in it. Plus there’s another bug with hp bars showing them full hp yet they’re half dead… these are bugs that existed for along time now and thier bugs that are making the games grouping feature unplayable.