What are you guys most Hyped for?

I’m just Hyped for the actual game, when it eventually releases :joy: but I’m most excited to group with friends and healing them…
Dungeons too(if we get them) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What about you guys?

To play a decent community based game again! The fact that it is based in the world of Warhammer sold me completely, I can’t wait to be smashing mobs with my axe and tanking things with my face as a Dwarven slayer

Playing a shadow warrior again… and having a good (please) mobile MMO to play.

Same, like I do not have my pc anymore, and the only decent android mmo order and chaos is dead, But I love warhammer so I feel like dis gon be great

I’ve already decided I don’t care if there’s a day one cash sink I’m just gonna pay and play. I’ve been playing return of reconing. But it’s just not the same anymore.

I don’t have a PC atm otherwise i would have tried it. What is the biggest change… population or something else?

Yer mainly population, you miss out on almost all the group content. Pvp was a huge part of the game and that’s dead. Plus the sever emulation can be a bit temperamental at times. Balance issues, wrong icons for skill and items etc. It’s worth it for the nostalgia trip though

I too play return of reckoning idk how you say pvp is dead when there are constant 300+ man fights in orvr

Scenarios can have an annoying que time depending on the time of day but with recent changes we are actually getting more pops than we used to

If you mean missing out on pve than yeah its dead WAR was never a pve game though

I’m just looking forward to playing a great new MMO! the whole game is exciting and I’m very eager to play and see what they’ve done with it. :+1: