What are you going to do?

With the upcoming release of the game will you be playing it over other games?

I personally will be playing other games such as Celtic heroes but still donating some time to it. What about you?

And what class will you start?

I will stop all other games when WO start. I will play engineer, I like support roles and I like dwarfs :slight_smile:

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I’ll likely be playing only this game, as far as mobile games go at least. Will probably invest a lot of time in the game.

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Upon release I’ll probably play this quite a bit, especially if I really enjoy the gameplay. I don’t have too much regular time for games these days, but I’ll shuffle things around if it’s worth it :wink:

I’ll definitely give it a go, depends on how much time I’ve got lol.
Shadow Warrior


I’ll play it a fair amount once it comes out to see if I can get into it and enjoy it but definitely going to keep playing my other mobile game as well

This will definitely become the only game I play when it launches, I will also be playing Warrior Priest (Healer Spec)

The general info about this game is very limited. At first I’ll check the game is catchy and fits my expectations and Devs’ promisses are fulfilled. Simply will try the game and then decide how much time I can spend on it daily.

Depending on time I probably won’t be playing any other mobile games except this one, because I don’t have time to play more than one mmorpg at once lol. Otherwise I would also play Celtic Heroes.

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I will play for a few days a judge then. I love the Warhammer IP. So they have that in their favor. If it’s good and the pay walls are not a slap in the face, I’m in.

Разработчики посещают форум?

I’m a serial monogamist and like to immerse myself into one game at a time, and will likely spend every spare moment off work on WH:O when it launches to gauge whether this will be “the one”. Still pre-launch, and we already have an awesome community. For sentimental reasons and guild obligations, I’ll still pop onto Pocket Legends now and again to keep things ticking over there :blush: But it’s about time the mobile gaming community received a decent MMORPG. I’ve grown tired of sampling the random mass-produced fare available at the moment. If WH:O doesn’t make the grade, guess it’s time to finally submit to Toram.

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