WH Changes (Templar as tank, Hunter as r-dps)

Problems with WH: Low energy pool prevents use of abilities, Defense stat prioritized for offensive class, Mark takes up an ability slot when it should be treated as a built in class synergy mechanic. (example, overcharge on AM doesn’t take up a slot)

A set of changes to help realize WH class design.

Mark buffed to 10% and applies for all teammates. Reworked to proc from the finishing stab in your combo builder, once every X seconds. Increased ranks reduce the proc CD.

Initiative also provides energy at an amount equal to 50% of leadership OR also provides significant in-combat energy regeneration, to make it work more like Rogue energy from WoW.

Sigmarite Templar (xbow) becomes a melee support class, which is a combination of tank/crowd control/buffer. (Machinesmith also would fill this roll) while Sanctioned Hunter (pistol) is ranged dps.

Change the level 15 passive on Templar (xbow) to grant a significant armor buff when you use a melee skill, stacking up to 2 times.

Change the level 15 passive on Hunter (pistol) to increase base crit chance (up to 10%)

Make Impale (12 templar xbow skill) instead generate additional threat per point of conviction.

Level 35 skills. Make the Hunter (pistol) grenade stun/knock back a marked target, and deal aoe damage; 60s base CD. Make the Templar shot (xbow) immobilize a target, apply an additional stack of mark, and deal damage; 30s base CD

These changes would give WH’s more team use from mark, and solve their energy problem, which would help their damage problem. A Templar WH could tank 1 mob, and CC another between stun or knockback + immobilize. The threat generation from Impale mirrors the taunt effect of Machine Smith’s taunting turret.

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