WH Buff Idea: Balanced in a few simple adjustments

One main reason WH is weak right now is because their energy management is so inefficient that it prevents them from using their abilities effectively. A way to help this:

Adjustment 1: Replace level 9 ability with “Reload” - which lets you hold the button after using a pistol or crossbow ability, during which time you play a short reload animation. Successfully completing the reload restores some energy cost of the ability.

Something like 50% at base with a 1.25 second reload time, and full ranks bring it to .75 second reload time and 75% of the ability cost restored.

This wouldn’t be overpowered because it wouldn’t be useable with abilities that aren’t tied to crossbow/pistol, but would open some tactical play and help balance ability costs.

Adjustment 2: Rework Mark of the Heretic to be a passive ability that procs from the third sword swing in the standard combo builder, and make the bonus apply for the whole party. It should be 10% up from 5. Keep the cooldown, so that it can proc once every X seconds, with ranks reducing it.

These two adjustments will give Witch Hunters worth in team play, as they’ll be useful to other dps classes and be able to fight for a longer period of time.

Adjustment 3: Make Kneecap stun the target for 4 seconds if marked, instead of additional snare duration. This will help reduce incoming damage in solo play.