Weather effects & Day-Night cycle

@Difinitus @Developer As an avid mmorpg player, the general consensus appears to be that players who enjoy this genre appreciate great ambient sound specifically when in distinctly different zones in game. A game that is designed to pull you into a living breathing world should definitely consider proper day and night cycles with random weather effects if appropriate.
Achieving this would be INCREDIBLE! Because I believe these are the kinds of nuances that help facilitate an unparalleled level of immersion in the player experience when done right.

Pls like and comment your thoughts​:100::star:


I would absolutely love to see a day/night cycle. It seems like it’d be fairly difficult though - lighting effects may be hard, especially for the in-between stages of dawn/dusk.

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Absolutely agree, also they can put missions to do only in day or night, or maybe some bosses could appears in certain hours. Definitively yes to this!


I dont think anyone could disagree.

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