Warrior Priest v. Slayer

So I like to play a tank but when I’m grinding to lvl obviously I go DPS. I’m wondering how to DPS will be solo lvling will be with WP. This is making me consider being a slayer however i feel like the tanking with Slayer will be subpar. Thoughts?

at this point nobody can really answer since we dont have details on how each class plays in game. i will be playing multiple classes so i’m just going to start with whatever i feel will be most fun and go from there.

there will always be a trade off so it depends on which is more important to you (tankability vs. dps). i expect WP to be on the low end of the dps scale but the healing/tankability for me is important enough that i’ll def have one as one of my top char’s.

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Warrior priest got those heals as well as tanking

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As i said this game looks like Warhammer Age of Reckoning. On that game no one was only healer without dps. Warrior Priest was a beast… He could do huge amount of dmg, he could heal and he could tank. Also depends on your gear. Check some videos on YouTube.

I think the Warrior Priest will still be capable of dealing substantial damage, regardless of specialisation. And that amount of damage should be sufficient enough to allow you to grind and level.

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I agree, don’t want to have to switch builds from tanking to dps just to lvl then do bosses/raids

Hopefully the leveling grind isn’t a full dps meta. That would be hugely disappointing. I want to be a support archmage and don’t care to constantly swap between dps and support.

I’m guessing a support aechmage would still have basic attacks and some attacking skills, but likely not all of the dps orientated skills. Instead more survivability skills. So likely your battles will be longer but safer.

I wouldn’t want that interfering with leveling

I was thinking that too man, archimage gotta have some way of dealing dmg as support