Warrior Priest healer

Hello i start this game today and i like it :slight_smile:
I picked the WP class to become a good healer.
Now i dont know which stats is best for (leveling) a WP healer.
I thought hammer/shield is best for WP healer but i see the hammer/shield actions are affected by weapon skill and wounds stats and the great hammer are affected by weapons skill and focus. So the great hammer is for healer build (because focus=better healing)?

The dmg skills description says "Ability effect increased by: Focus, Weapon Skill."The healing skills description say β€œAbility effect increased by: Weapon Skill, Focus.”

That means the first stat in the description has better ratio than the second?So for healing spells its better to get higher Focus stat and for dmg skills higher Weapon Skill stat? Or its 1:1 ratio for healing and dmg skills?

Hard to calculate stats distribution when i Weapon Skill, Focus and Wounds+Accuracy :confused:

Greetings Poith
German WP healer

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At level 10 you choose your specialization. If you choose healer then you go with 2 handed weapon. If you want to become a very good healer, then obviously you have to go max focus and then wounds/accuracy. The problem with this build is that you have to play in a group. For solo leveling you should put weapon skill/wounds/focus/accuracy.

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Thank you! Yeah i want to leveling solo. So i will build in weapon skill, …

Yea the heals get interrupted if you try to cast them while someone hits you.
With some mobs 1v1 you can still get it off right after they hit you.
But even at skill lvl 6 your first heal is basically a potion with. 20 second cooldown and 3 second cast time.

Weapon skill will still increase your healing but have higher damage scaling (cant hurt you if they dead)