Warhammer : Odyssey Character Creation Video

VR has posted a short video displaying some of the Character Customization in WH:O



Looking pretty good! :slightly_smiling_face:


Video shows the classes will be raced locked.

Yup, they’ve clarified that they’re going to stick with the lore for the most part in the classes. Also gender locked at first, but they’ve mentioned there’s a possibility that that’ll change.


I like that it will be possible to add scars in addition to changing the hairstyle. However, if they realize that it will be indicated what kind of armor is worn on the player, then the beautiful face over which it is facing will immediately disappear behind the helmet.

Seems pretty good, but we want more gameplay videos and release info! :slight_smile:

I think there’ll be an option to disable ur helmet looks in the cosmetic menu so that u can display ur default face(with scars etc), this option is available on Celtic heroes(another game developed by virtual realms) so I reckon it’ll be here too.

That was my guess as well

An interesting idea. I didn’t even think about it. A very interesting idea. I hope they implement this !!!

@Raven_Valentine Well as i know CH was “adopted” by VR, they didn’t develope It…

Correct me if i’m wrong

Doesn’t matter who developed CH. It’s a completely different game that has nothing to do with Warhammer.

True, but developers tend to reuse assets/systems/features… But that’s not the case…

I’m pretty sure vr made the Thailand equivalent game of ch which was almost the same game, they know what they’re doing in some areas at least. And like zkills said, both are different games, possibilities aren’t limited.
And vr was always a sister studio to the previous devs of ch I think, so.