Waiting for a Company?

Who here likes the ideas that these companies are promoting, but plans on just playing the game to see how necessary having a company is at the start or which one comes out on top/successful after some time has passed?

Maybe it’s just been my experience with most games, but I’ll be happy to see a company that 1) doesn’t have a bank. And 2) is a complete democracy. — Too many bad leaders and thieves in my lifetime left a bad taste in my mouth.

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For me being part of a guild that is well organised, helpful and full of experienced gamers that play in my timezone is huge and a big part of why I play MMORPGS. So I wil definitely be looking for a great one if I don’t make my own.

A company likely won’t be very necessary at the start, more of a way to connect, group up and do things together with. However that’s just speculation. I’m excited to see what all companies consist of.