Voice/Audio Channels

Who thinks a voice channels for Clan / Party / Individual be better for co ordination in raids.

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You mean like in-game voice chat? I would love to see this. If not most people are going to fall back on using discord voice.

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There are so many good free voice chats you can use i would feel like the devs would be wasting their time implementing this.


That is why I asked them on discord. It would definitely save time, money and energy allowing discord to handle the voice chat while they worked on the more important things.

Or they can just integrated both together…many other games does that

They said on discord just now no voice chat at launch:

DifinitusToday at 12:15 PM

Voice chat won’t be available at launch, but it’s something we are already considering. Communication is important in tough fights.


Зная комьюнити СНГ то вы будете иногда слышать крики и маты)

I would like a translation for all langue. I can’t read russian :wink:

I was just plugging it into google to translate him :slight_smile:

I’m just going to go ahead an reply.
Voice chat would be fantastic and very beneficial for those of us who don’t use apps like Discord but still want to be able to communicate with our group members/clannies… though I’d hope you’d have the ability to turn it off at any time, and when you log on it’s already off unless you manually turn it back on. Sometimes mouths can be very… unpredictable.

Just don’t do a public voice chat thing where you can hear nearby players talking because there’s always that one person who decides to annoyingly blast music in the background lol.

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