Veteran Celtic Hero Looking for frens

Hi im Tamra
I played celtic heroes for like 8years and quit due to no new update and game was already dead
Im gonna start my new journey here in warhammer odyssey soo looking for any one who played celtic heroes before coming to this game
I used to be a mage named tamra in morrigan server max stats leveled and part of raid clan named Avalon
I just want to know more abt this game and what server are the best and what class is meta atm?
Please help
Looking forword to be ur clansmate in future :+1:


Welcome to Warhammer! I myself have played CH since 2011 and currently playing this game on server Ranald. My name in game is TANKER TOY. Id say each class in this game is different from CH but some similarities such as
Shadow warrior - rogue/Ranger
Archmage - Mage/Druid
Warrior Priest - Warrior tank or healer
Slayer - warrior DPS or Tank
Engineer - DPS or support class nothing to compare to in CH
Witch Hunter - DPS Debuff class

I personally tried out each class and each specialization they have and hard to choose which one I want as main, but i would say experiment with each class and try not to compare to CH as its a completely different game!

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A few of us from Celtic are on Ranald server! I used to play taranis server for a long time and like 8 months of nuada server when it released. But I quit about 3 or 4 years back

WP(warrior priest) and slayer is meta for sure but I’m sure it’ll all be changing as the game progresses. Cap is level 40 right now and end game will be 50 but we’re told not to expect 50 for awhile, so I would suggest you just giving all the classes a try and see which you like by the end of it

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Ok then ill probably join ranald server
One more question
How similar is the game mechanics with celtic?