VALIDUS│PvX│Hardcore & Casual raiding and bossing guild

Validus is latin for Mighty

PvX/Hardcore & Casual

Leader: Zelus (A Celtic Heroes And Order & chaos Player)

About us

:diamonds: We are a bossing and raiding focused guild

:diamonds: Here at Validus we do things a little differently concerning drops/loot/gear.

:diamonds: When WH:O comes out if the game doesn’t have an in-game form of a guild bank then we will create our own and at raids, bosses, and dungeons drops will be collected and sent to the bank and drops will be distributed from the guild bank to members of the guild who were at the boss or raid and any extra drops will be distributed to others who need the drops. With this system you don’t have to be online all the time to get gear like a dkp system and a rolling system is too random because the type of gear you get basically just depends on how lucky you are and a rolling system doesn’t reward hard work. With our system drops go to players who were at the raid or boss and extras go to players who need the boss drops.

:diamonds: At Validus we do not boss to gear ourselves but the person next to you

What we offer

:diamonds: A fun guild and a close community

:diamonds: A fully automated discord server

:diamonds: A Knowledgeable community

:diamonds: The opportunity to help build a new guild from the ground up

:diamonds: Leaders who coordinate raids

:diamonds: A very organized guild

Initial Mission

:diamonds: Get as much of our members on the beta and focus on raids, dungeons, and world bosses then become a great raiding and bossing guild at launch.

I’m extremely excited to start this game with yall. If you’re interested in joining Validus join our discord server!

@Zelus nice to see you guys up an running and best of luck!

Sorry, I just realized the link to join the discord server doesn’t work so here is a new link.