Usuarios de Habla Hispana?

Hola muy buenas noches a todo aquel que este leyendo este Post…

Bueno por aquí un humilde futuro reí del PvE en nuestra próxima aventura que está por iniciar en Warhammer:Odyssey.
Sin más que decir el punto es donde están los ajustadores de habla Hispana o Español clásico???

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I haven’t seen anyone else speaking Spanish yet on either discord or reddit so you might have to wait for some more to join you :slight_smile:

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that just means that I am the first member of the (Hispanic) community …

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Perfect attitude! When the game is live will you try to find a guild that predominantly speaks Spanish or does it matter to you? Your English typing skills are great.

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Really, my forte is Spanish … but I defend myself very well with Portuguese … English is only the basics and I use translators so as not to be lost in the subjects …

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Well I think you are doing a great job with the English side of it!

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I have to thank the 15 years that I have gotten into the MMORPG…:hugs:

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If I don’t become a clan leader I will be a lonely witch hunter…

although games with clans or factions system it is hard to be a lone wolf.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wolf:

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I think you are going to see a lot of players running around near each other. Especially now that it is confirmed to be no auto-battle.

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I really was very aware of your post on this subject and how good they confirmed that doubt … since if it was a battle or automatic Quest I assure you that I would not play it.

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¡Buenas! Yo soy español y tengo intención de viciar en grande a este juego. Esperemos que en el futuro seamos muchos más y tengamos nuestro propio clan.
Espero que el juego tenga al menos los textos traducidos para hacerlo más divertido.
Me imagino que el lanzamiento no será este año, ¿verdad?

¡Bienvenido a los foros! El juego se lanzará a principios de 2020 y habrá una prueba beta antes de su lanzamiento.

Muchas gracias a los dos :smiley:
¿Por cierto el juego tendrá textos en español?

Buenas a todos los que lean este post.

Aquí hay otro hablante de español. Soy de España y espero poder conocer a los demás in-game. Empezamos a ser más.

I first Russian speaking. ( Belarus)

Hello @Sedoi. You come from Belarus? If you don’t find many speakers of your tongue you can come with the Spaniards, if you wish, though I think it’ll be a big russian speaking community here.

На форумах иностранных игр, особенно ещё не вышедших. Сидит мало говорящих на моем языке

Ваш язык труден, я люблю изучать его, но лучше говорить по-английски. :smiley: I think more russian speaking people are in this forums; your language is difficult though I’m studying it. I will need some years to begin speaking it.

Английские на втором месте по лёгкий языков

А как вы картинки сменили?