Update release, when?

Hey guys, any news about when’s going to be released the first update?

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Difinitus dropped a quick update in the Discord server,

Happy New Year Adventurers! Although 2020 may have felt like a stale Dwarf ale, we are wishing your 2021 being a fine Elven wine!
The game has been in Soft Launch for a few weeks now and the interest in this early phase of Warhammer: Odyssey has exceeded our expectations! This also means we shuffled around our schedule a tiny bit to take advantage of all you pioneers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .
Right now, our design and programming teams is focused on combat balance (One class in particular is OP!), while our art team is polishing the next map that will soon be unlocked, Drakwald Forest.
After that, we’ll enable iOS users to download from the App Store and add more playable countries to our Soft Launch.

Hopefully that next update will be ready this week, or else first thing next week.


Thanks for sharing! Sheds a bit more light on what’s to come. So just to be clear, does that mean we can expect the soft launch server won’t be reset upon ios launch or full launch day?

Thank you very much for the info, i can’t wait to play it updated, even when surely they will nerf the WarMage class (i think that’s the op)…

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Ya Archmage is super op lol

I do not believe that it will be wiped, no. However, the devs have said that until in app purchases are implemented, they are leaving a server wipe as a possibility if they judge it necessary.

The lack of a wipe does mean that Android players have a slight advantage on a single server, but it’s really not much - a couple weeks of farming time, really.


@Eragon123 Thank you for your insight :relaxed:


yesterday I read about the game for the first time.
Immediately I thought of warhammer online, that i had been playing long ago until the servers were shut down.
Is there a worldwide release?
Europe, Germany?

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@Adameon Not to step on too many toes here…obviously the new mobile game is DEFINATELY going to be better imho…but, in case ya didnt know…the old warhammer online does now have a dedicated team with a private server, graphics updates, and even new content I believe…some sort of warhammer online restoration project. I played a lil while and it was legit.

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I only play on my iPadPro
nice lazy on the couch in the evening…
(the days of sitting in front of a pc to play are long gone)

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HAH! I soooo heard that lol. PC…take ENERGY haha.