Typo on slayer page

Just wanna tell ya there’s a typo on the slayer page: subtitel under 1 hand axe picture shoudn’t be “Shadow Warrior Weapons” :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward for that game. Ist there any chance for beta access?

Link to page
Here’s the pic+caption in question lol.
Edit: lol sorry, wanted to add this for convenience and didn’t get around to answering the question, below answers :wink: (thanks Fugax lol)

Hi, the devs said in the oficial discord that the beta players will be choosen from the active players in the comunity (discord, forum, facebook…)

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Yeh i think thats fair. Hehe i hope i am

I’ve been beta tester from quake, daoc to warhammer online and more … i wish i could be part of this, too

Greetings from Germany