Type of Crafts Possobly To Be Included?

Any idea if crafting would be available?

Wouldn’t mind getting to see blacksmithing, apothecary, tailoring, cooking fishing, logging, cooking, carpentry and other such things associated with achieving the abilities like blacksmithing you needing mining ability to obtain better things. Tailoring you need weaving or someshit.

But give the players something else besides hack and slash to play on. Bigger advantages to those that put forth time in the smaller details.

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Agree would def like to see some non-combat professions. I don’t think i’ve heard anything regarding that yet.

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Crafting wont be available at the launch.

Any word on whether it will be something available down the road? I would be delighted to have some crafting/non-combat leveling opportunities!

Would love crafting a well. Figured it would be added eventually… hopefully soon!

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Talisman making
I’d love to see gems able to be fastened to gear and weapons. This opens worlds of opportunity for diverse playing styles/systems which will give opportunity for variety instead of template based gear system. Please consider.