Two handed weapons

I would like to see 2 handed hammers and tankier melee healer. What do you think?


Absolutely agree. We should be able to choose one-hander plus shield or two hander for more dps.


Because it’s hammer time?


Probably will be with 2 or 3 different build like warhammer age of reckoning.

Probably will be:

  1. hammer + book = full healer
  2. hammer + shield = tanky support healing
  3. 2handed hammer = dps support

Imho will be really interesting the tanky way if they will do it like the tanky priest in RIFT with more attention to healing.

Ah… how they can do a valid mmo with all the same complexity like wow or whatever on mobile… still a mistery for me.


I would love to see as much customization as possible. We know the classes are gender locked and that is a decision by design. If you gender lock the classes at launch you cut the cost in half in terms of art assets and development time. It allows you to put more development time elsewhere with what you save from not having to make male and female of every armor set. Knowing this, I doubt they are working on having art and animations for 1 handed hammer, 2 handed hammer, hammer and a shield and hammer and a book.

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Well depends, customization of the characters in terms of skill tree is a milestone of every mmo games.
If they will go out without studying and producing something like that will be a huge problem.
Ofc these mobile products are not for hardcore or normal Player but just for casual gamer that probably didnt ever play an mmo in their entire life so… lets see!
After all im really curious about they will create an mmo for mobile

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I get where you are coming from. I just know that they leaned towards gender locking to cut costs and speed up development. Maybe the money and time they saved there will go towards Warrior Priest animations but I am just trying to be realistic and keep my hopes in check.


If we use the tabletop as a model, there were plenty of 2 handed hammer priests. So it could be on the table for later, if it’s not a priority now.

Right! And I am just saying that at launch they may not have it but its definitely something that could be added as time goes on if the game performs well.

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Ye i got what u said