Trading, Chests and Gear/Lux shops?!

This game sounds amazing but to keep it alive there needs to be some collect-ability, merching and trading components. Without these components I can’t imagine any game out lasting Celtic Heroes.

I’m sure VR know the importance of this as they also run CH now, but please reduce RNG - chests aren’t terrible but chances are way to low. It would be simply copy & paste if a chest or random drawing function was used.

Gear also, unlike CH please introduce gear in shops as apposed to the concept of Apostate braces which barely exist.

As far as we know, this game will be completely different than CH and function differently. They’re two separate games. I’m sure there will be plenty of things to collect


Surelly they will be different, ch Is based on a very old concept of mmo… I expect more modern standards for who…

Yes . For those coming here expecting it’ll be like Ch, don’t be disappointed when it plays completely different than CH. VR has stated in the past that it won’t be a Ch clone and that it’ll be something completely separate.

on my own opinion old MMO is better than the gameplay of mmo today, imagine those mmo today with auto battle hahaha…
by the way im a lineage2 PC version player before and im really disappointed with lineage2M, CH is way more better.
i hope warhammer will be better than CH :slight_smile:

I played lineage 2 for almost a decade… We won’t see anywhere something like that… Even the nowadays lineage 2 Is only a shadow of what It was…

maybe because l2 is years in making game

Yes I agree that chest drops should be higher than the game like CH. I personally love how CH Gear and lux is set up. Like there is shop and can get drops from mobs. I wouldn’t mind crafting weapons and armour but PLZ don’t make them look like anime like the new gear in CH and their most recent boss. Also forgot fashion as well.

PS. I can’t wait to start marching lol, and the experience I gained from CH. I’m saving atleast one item from every shop and mob drop I get, then ima keep em in bank, because Ik one day they will be gone and I’m just gonna flex on noobs lol.