Topic #3 : List 3 things that you would like to see within the game?

I would like to see

#1: In-Game Events with special event mobs, that have special gear dropped when killed. Also In-Game Event shops with the specific gear you can buy related to the event ( Ammy, Braces, etc)
#2: In-Game Chest, that can drop mounts, gold, potions, fashion
#3: In-Game END GEAR, something to works towards by killing endgame bosses that drop pieces to get the ENDGAME GEAR.

List your thoughts?

  1. A long story line quest and Lots of side quests. (Possibility to finish all quests)

  2. no or just a small advantage When buying chests. Prefure it when chests just contains fashion, mount, pet and potions.

  3. Hard to lvl, the xp gain is slow so you need allot of effort to gain the next lvl.


1 mining (in raids) released only after the boss falls
2 collection (instead of getting ready gear you collect body parts of the raid bosses)
3 metallurgy to make your equipment of high quality. Falling equipment would be of medium quality.
but of course not for now but for a more distant future


I like your ideas. An ‘event boss’ that appears would be cool and very engaging for the community


A more exhaustive story-line.
Less energy based gameplay…
Less dependency on lux items for basic gameplay


Good story line
Unusual skills for classes ( not like in other game )

  1. a somewhat slower quest/story based leveling system so a level up or any other level based achievement feels like an actual achievement.

  2. a lot of different looking/feeling dungeons to explore with your guild or party.

  3. no p2w of any kind.

Those are my top 3 :smiley:

  1. The lore is obviously going to be great.
  2. Good combat mechanics and controls.
  3. Lots of options for PVP.
  1. Complex and interesting system of trading and auctions.
  2. Competition in the arena in your profession and between all professions.
  3. Permanent live events with the participation of moderators and project administrators.
  4. Direct exchange between players
  5. When players do quests and kill mobs, they receive items and money for this. Since there are many players, and mobs are constantly beaten, the money supply and the mass of objects in the game are constantly increasing. Therefore, consider a hyperinflation defense system.
  6. Be sure to find some level cap activities for players as you come up with new content.

I can continue this indefinitely if you want to. =)


1-that when Mobs kills, he always finds drop, even gold.

2-make fighting dynamic and has a major role in the game (trying to kill IVL Mobs higher than with dodgy skill and tactics you can do it)

3- that PVP has an important role in the game


I would like to see:

#1: Randomized world boss(es), that has a very low chance of dropping a unique item(s), also a critical kill for a class-specific quest that leads to a unique reward.
#2: Allow for rarity to be on display for optional wardrobes or mounts that have a limited drop rate from incredibly hard to find mobs - but, find a way to limit over-camping (perhaps, by limiting it to one per account).
#3: The items dropped by endgame bosses should be limited, but consistent with respect to the difficulty. Those specific pieces could immediately be used, however could be part of what is necessary to build an even stronger set of gear (ultimate endgame gear).
#4: Create a very strong and sought after class-specific quest line, that is rewarding as a result of milestones. It should take you across the entire expanse of the in-game universe, and should culminate with some of the hardest of tasks/kills to make it that much more rewarding. In the end, the reward should be on-par with endgame gear and contain a step-up quest line as new updates are introduced. Either a title, the look/color of the gear, or the effect on character should be visible to other players to show accomplishment.

Just some suggestions.

  1. Dynamic combat (active dodge, block, attack direction etc)
  2. Challenging enemies that need to be taken one at a time or cc’ed (i.e some strategy before each pull)
  3. Scalability so difficulty and rewards can scale with the number of players in the group (would love content that my wife and me can do together)

Not sure if this applies to topics. But I would like to see features that help avoid spammers to ruin the environment. Would be nice to lock chat until a certain lvl to avoid lvl 1 spammers.

Very cooperative heavy mechanics for boss raids.

For end game bosses would like to see random loot as well as currency that can help towards purchasing loot or possibly chests.

Make special mounts. Ones that can only be dropped by raid bosses. If things can be attained easily it lessens the motivation to do end game content.


I can only agree with all of the above mentioned suggestions!

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Great suggestions krazzien



Items that are limited in number or very difficult to obtain. Rarity will not only drive the economy but will give a reason to farm for long periods of time. People that play this type of game love to grind and many are willing to put the hours in. For that reason, rare and ‘chase’ items should be obtainable from solo content too, provided they’re incredibly difficult to get.

Diverse character setups.

This one should go without saying. Every class should have multiple playstyles and setups. No Dwarf wants to be a carbon copy of every other Dwarf in Marienburg. That’s boring. Let us choose between the skills we use, our armour sets & weapon types. Allow player skill and player choices to dictate who wins in PvP, or is better at PvE.

An in-depth guild system.

In some games, guilds function only as an extended friends list (CH.) It’s the boring execution of a potentially interesting mechanic. Guilds could have funds to manage, upgrades to purchase, payouts for clan members, a guild bank and an alliance system to name a few. Some games allow the guild leader to fund guild events/upgrades by taxing their members when killing mobs, selling items, etc. Allowing a group to contribute towards a common goal will build friendships.

A game that provides its players with the tools to build their own communities will see a longer lifespan and more hours invested.


#1 Loot that makes sens.
Many mmorpgs today have a loot system that makes no sens. Bad loot that you can upgrade to be the best and so on and that is confusing when you try to find the best gear for your class.
I would like to see a straight loot system that reward loot arter your effort. Questing gives you one rarity, dungeons and raida/raid Bosses a better one and so on. This includes crafted Gear.

#2 open seemless world.
I hope for an open seemless world and not instanced zones. Dungeons and specific areas could be instanced but the world as a whole should be open and seemless.

#3 Endgame that means something.
An Endgame system that is worth the time. Not these “forced to join things just to not get behind every other”-events and Endgame that exists in many other mobile MMORPG. I want real endgame, Dungeons and raids, world Bosses, events to pass time but not forced to do for stats or materials.

  1. A game that doesn’t overly insist on monitisation or any gambling mechanics. Obviously the game is to make money, but there are different ways.

  2. A good story, based on existing lore.

  3. Decent combat and great graphics and sound to help with immersion.

  1. Need/greed rolling system for loot to combat a singular entity having control over the loot enticing greed, unfairness, and corruption.

  2. Difficult dungeons that require good coordination and strategies to complete, with some RNG elements to make every dungeon run unique and different in certain aspects (mob positioning, mob types, and possibly dungeon layout). Also have a matchmaking system for players who can’t run with a guild at any given time.

  3. A fun leveling experience. Multiple fun and engaging methods to level up and multiple areas to grind in. Inclusion of the possibility of running into a rare mob that drops a rare item or a rare drop from a regular mob to help keep interest when grinding.


#1. A page where it allows you to look at what type of items the game holds, also shows where you can find the item. Showing all rarities and a price range( if you can purchase it.)


#3. ADD Fishing and Cooking to the game!