To The Devs. (not a complaint, just a little concern)

Can y’all at least give us some updates on where your at with development, people are gonna end up losing interest imo but I’m rly Hyped for it but the lack of customer interaction/game promotion is beginning to eat away? Please just tell us a bit to keep us satisfied


Yea, I am hyped too but it would be really nice for updates of the pogress so far.

Momentum is building, I’m sure he will start hearing more and more now with the release of two teaser trailers.

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like literally if we can have a book to switch beetween classes like healer/mage etc…ie for the game to be well balanced.

In my opinion I would like to see blacksmiths in various areas. Also equipment should be geared for all classes and not limited . Pretty please! Thank you!

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Kind of disappointed we cant use all the new cool looking 41-45 stuff. ended up getting bored cause of that hope cap goes up soon. Should of made cap 45 and new dungeon be 50 and newer gear otherwise farming is a bit boring if gear looks same as 20 gear imo.