The Truth about Wh

hello everyone. I’ll tell you the truth about the character Wh, if you want to suck in a solo game, then this character is for you. I was lucky enough to pump this It sucks up to 40 lvl and put it in a good outfit, but the maximum I can kill myself is 2-3 mobs 3** 1-2 levels below myself, and then restore HP and mp. The developer who thought of this pesonazh probably thought about how the Tank and the mage slept together and conceived Wh. This bullshit and not tank and not dd really, so as spells are worth so much, that even if all clothe on mana, then casts enough on 3-4 times, mentally retarded, which coined this character skills aura thought clearly ass, skil uvorot, with that character initiative not adds nothing not to one skilu. The skill increases the resist despite the fact that there are almost no mobs in the game that hit hard with spells.

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WH needs a way to restore HP, or not take so much damage. It does not work well in solo, which is why there are not many WH at higher level. The advantage is that it is very easy to get into 2x XP groups since they always need WH. It is fine as DPS in groups.

Anyway, developers need to considerably improve WH ability to reduce incoming damage, or give it a way to heal itself. Right now it is definitely annoying having to eat food for HP every 3-4 enemies.


Having run a WH up to 40, I agree that this class needs an overhaul. What all classes really need is a passive skill that allows for regeneration of health and energy out of combat. I redid stats and pumped more into leadership and wounds and am able to run through 7-8 mobs at lvl 40-41 before having to take a break. However, it’s still a problem as regardless of class (except a healing class), you’re still not getting much over 8 mobs before having to eat food or take a 5 minute break.

Skills for this class absolutely need a fix. The concept is awesome but the delivery is not very good. It’s almost like they had no clue what to do with this class.

I have a lvl 40 WH, but I’m not happy about it. The Wh swing in WS - 120, ACC - 120 and remaining points are in the lead. Due to the fact that it is not possible to knock out decent equipment, WH stats: hp - 2700+, Power - 540+, energy - 280+, armor - 340+. Despite the “increase in the change of falling out”, the loot does not fall, only “horns and hooves”… The biggest question for me isthe price of skills. I use mostly Quick Shot - 37, Mark of the Heretic - 28, Flourishing Strike - 46, Accurate Shot 84!!! The cost of skills for dd… Seriously? Even when the WH is dressed for energy is enough for a max of 6-7 mobs, while the damage is min. Redistributing points does not give the same results. At this time, the WH is the most unbalanced and not attractive character in the game. Developers what is the reason for such hatred for the WH.

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I agree, I’m up to lvl 28 currently with mine, and I’ve maxed quick shot but I’m still extremely squishy and can do almost nothing without a group