The soft launch is awesome!

I just start to play yesterday, and i can tell for sure that this game has a lot of potential. It reminds me Neverwinter game, there’s NO gender lock in all classes, you can choose male or female in all of them, the only thing I’m waiting is for a blacksmith 'cause the broken items are a pain in the *ss. Also the ability to dodge incoming attacks and mounts would be some nice add-on. I hope you can put solo and group dungeons with drop of unique and set items. In general terms, this game could be the best MMORPG for mobiles. Keep up the good work!!



Having lots of fun as well. You mean the oldschool Neverwinter Nights? Man, I loved to play that game as a teenager, it’s true WH:O gives similar vibes.

I’m really happy devs went in this direction. 2020 mmorpgs are all trash. Here we have slow paced gameplay with relaxing and tactical, static combat… Feels like I’ve finally found my new virtual home.


The genders came in last second as a welcome surprise to everyone. As impossible as it is, I’d kill for a gyrocopter combat-mount

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Thank you! Glad you are having a good time so far.


So @Kevin can we expect the soft launch server to not be wiped at full launch? It would suck to have to start completely over and lose auctionhouse and bank items etc. Please give some insight

All well but when can we expect the game?

Nobody has the slightest clue

So… any word on an Oceanic Soft Launch or are we waiting for general launch?


Will there be further invitations to the soft launch or will the game be available to all by the end of this month?

All I’ve personally seen is it’s supposed to be available to more regions by the end of this month. I’ve looked everywhere as well.

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So many people would be happy with ‘some’ information…
it makes me doubt the game gets enough guidance to make it the game everyone hopes it’s going to be.