Suggestion to devs - 1H and 2H Weapon Power Balance

There is a good suggestion to balance weapon power and weapon damage.
Currently 1H weapons have the same power as 2H.
For example WP with 1H hammer with shield deal the same damage as with 2H hammer but he has a bonus +armor from shield in first case, which is unbalanced wearing 2H hammer!
Furthermore wearing 2 1H weapons grants 2x skill damage rather then wearing 1 2H weapon bacause of weapon power is doubled which is unbalanced for now too.

So please could you make the game more realistic and more balanced by modifying weapon power.
Weapon power of 2 1H weapons should be equal of 2H weapon thus normal damage would be equal and also skill damage would be equal in both cases.

Not sure about 2x multiplier for 2H weapon power, basically I think that the 1.5x multiplier will be good (regarding all aspects of the game mechanic) , but it definitely should be increased!

All this comparison above is made on 40 level characters.

Thanks for the game! Let’s make it better!


This game is in early stages hopefully nerfs will come sooner or later so before it gets nerf grind the level before server gets crowded :+1:

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