Stuck in Drakwald Forest

I like the game, but I struggle in Drakwald Forest. I’m a level 15 Archmage. I feel the only thing I’m doing is killing wolves and deer, sell items and repair equipment. And then I get to area where I can not repair equipment, and I’m stuck without weapons, and I can’t make it back to where I can repair them. I think I’m doing something wrong. I’ve been playing like this for two week, playing less and less because I get bored with being killed off so very easily. I’ve tried to avoid the wolves, but they are so close together and if I kill one it reawakens so quickly I end up with it attacking my back while I’m killing the next wolf in line… current location: Old Rosey’s Shack (Weapons and Armor broken so pretty stuck)

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I am in the same boat. A lot of the side quests are mislabeled. They say level 16 then have you go and kill a level 20-23 elite bear or beast man. So I’ve been grinding beastmen from level 15 to level 20 in front of the eastern fort where every mob is guaranteed to have at least two other mobs path over it. It has been a hard grind to say the least.

It is sooo difficult, and my motivation is not too high at the moment, but I am sort of glad to hear I`m not alone. Or alone…I’m actually stuck with Old Rosy following me everywhere now ^^

Same problem here…broken armour and insufficient funds, I’m currently at Drawkald forest lv19.

Out of frustration i purchased some coins at the shop, but couldn’t use them as the character’s funds, I don’t know why, maybe there’s something else I have to do after the purchase, does anyone knows? :pensive:

I’ve been looking for info online, but there’s nothing, i like the game but this is frustrating…

And definitely agree with you about the mislabeled quests :frowning:

Hi guys. Don’t worry about these failures, I know that sometimes It’s hard to complete some quests. Therefore, If you want, I can help you with this. Just tell me in which world you are, and I’ll help you. I like this game too. I have been looking for this kind of game on Android for a long time. It has many amazing elements that others don’t have. Starting with Its graphics and Its different options to configure it. Also, the background sounds have been good selected. I know that the devs’ll work to make this game the best.


You cannot buy in-game currency with real money. If you purchase Sovereigns (the premium currency) they can only be used in the premium store, for the various consumables there.


Realmente é muito complicado, o chat no jogo também não tem muita interação é difícil você falar no global e ter uma resposta de volta. as vezes é difícil fazer grupo para matar um mob mais forte, por isso ainda estou receoso com o game, talvez ele esteja sendo tóxico antes mesmo de ter iniciado de fato.

The game has a lot of potential, but it seems incomplete. I agree, social features are non-existent. I’ve continued to grind away, into the wastelands. As of now this game doesn’t have much more than grinding. The quests don’t pick up, and there are no dungeons or any real grouping that I know of. Without social features, and the carrot on the stick it is hard to find the motivation to keep grinding away. I am hopeful that this game will get better over time.

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