Specialization change?

I’m sure many of you have reached the point where you choose a specialization, however when you select it they give you a message saying that it can be undone. With that being said I have leveled up the same class to change my specialization. No there isn’t any shop item to change it and VR said thats how its supposed to be on discord. I personally think that they should allow us to switch specializations as many choose specialization they end up not liking then to have to restart on a new character. Does anyone agree with me on this one?

Nope, make an alt account

Re: making an alt account

For some that would be a great decision but what if you really like the original except you made a incorrect choice? So now you only play on your alt ? Fine for some and frustrating for others.

I don’t have an answer to the opening question but “live and learn” falls into every aspect of our real and game life. Just sayin

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The devs said that this is not planned. You can search for it on Disord.
I am also sure that they will have other things to do for the next 12 months and beyond.

Is this true? I figured the retraining manual that lets you reset your abilities would allow you to respec the specialization path.

If not, it 100% should. Or have another book that lets you do this. Especially when I can’t even see past level 30 and can’t determine if one path is going to be best for my play style. Making this a hard fast and unchangeable decision is not the right thing for players.

And whomever said about making choices in life? This is a game. Maximum flexibility and fun is what it needs to be about. Not real life choices and consequences.