Specialization change?

I’m sure many of you have reached the point where you choose a specialization, however when you select it they give you a message saying that it can be undone. With that being said I have leveled up the same class to change my specialization. No there isn’t any shop item to change it and VR said thats how its supposed to be on discord. I personally think that they should allow us to switch specializations as many choose specialization they end up not liking then to have to restart on a new character. Does anyone agree with me on this one?

Nope, make an alt account

Re: making an alt account

For some that would be a great decision but what if you really like the original except you made a incorrect choice? So now you only play on your alt ? Fine for some and frustrating for others.

I don’t have an answer to the opening question but “live and learn” falls into every aspect of our real and game life. Just sayin

The devs said that this is not planned. You can search for it on Disord.
I am also sure that they will have other things to do for the next 12 months and beyond.