Some problems and doubts I had with warhammer

The game chat is very small and not very intuitive, extremely difficult to understand.

the group system is bad the names are too short and you lose sight of your partner easily, in a group attack on boss this will be a problem.

equipment that breaks and a good mechanics but that should be supplemented with forge also because basically vice in the game to fix their equipment and the doubt remains and if the bosses will drop equipment that breaks also what would be a problem in my point of view. if the game is to supplement the forge and mining it would be very good to put the option of concert in the blacksmith for equipment buyable in the store and the forgings are fixed by the players gathering some basic materials of the item. something else that would be more interesting and remove the equipment’s counting system and put a percentage of “damage”.

another problem is the camera it is very “soft” difficult to control.

the game has incredible potential I have a lot of expectations with the game. in terms of gameplay it is satisfactory even with some bugs but that did not hinder me in the game


não dá pra consertar os itens , foda !

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in fact it can be fixed but besides being very expensive the npc is hard to find

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I would also propose to add an option to fix the camera behind the character, like other mobile games offer. That would take away the pain of dealing with the “soft” camera.
Other core things are quite okay. I am sure the dev team will fix bugs and change some minor things during the first patches for the game.

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I would probably not play an mmorpg with a fixed camera tbh takes away the ability to look around, why have awesome skies and vertical terrains if u can’t move the camera to enjoy them?

That would only be optional. You could switch it on or off in the settings menu.

Increase distance, so we can view from far away.
Game feels claustrophobic occasionally, plus instead of enjoying nice graphic - my view is often limited with wals and textures.
P.S. This game could be game of the year(s), but developers must act fast and need to make some good decisions on the start.