Soft lunch connect-failed

Id like to ask about tap tap APK version that i downloaded, after loging with Google account i cant connect up to the server with VPN and without it wont work meanwhile my friend from the same country-Poland are able to connect and play. What kind of solve should i appy, or what makes me that i cant connect up to the server? Phone is Xiaomi Mi9t

You could try by waiting for your country to ACTUALLY be released instead of circumventing a soft launch region lock


i’m from brazil and i downloaded the tap tap also the game and i can play without any problem ( no vpn ). but I didn’t connect with google but with my facebook

Ofc i was trying all avelable ways to log in not solved still.

I had the same problem, but what actually worked for me was that i had to make a new google account with country of philippines, with fake philippines number in it. If any more questions feel free to ask…

I need to get verify code from phone number i type, how if dont have that number to recive it. I was trying to crate account from Philipines. It recognized as Philipines account even Odyssey unlocked in google play store but it wont solve my problem.

There are a lot of websites that provide it. Just type on google - Phillipines phone numbers sms.
You can choose phone number you want and click on it. It only worked for me if i downloaded the game from play store not taptap.

Unfortunetly i cant find working web to generator a number :neutral_face: