Shadow Warriors - What Path Will You Take?


Ranged: Long range damage with roots and snares to keep your foes at bay.

Melee: Utilize stealth and positional attacks to quickly burst down your target.


Ranged: 2-Handed Bow
Melee: Dual-Wield Swords

Personally I like my ranged DPS so will be going that way, I also like my mobile characters and Ranged Shadow Warrior seems to be up there with the most agile.


Ranged allll the way. I love being able to stand at a distance and pick my enemies off without a scratch. I’m really excited to see what some of these snares and traps are :eyes:

That being said, I do like my sneaky plays as well, so I’ll probably give the other path a try as well.


Ranged 100%
Sniping is the best type of stealth. If I get to root my enemies, that’s great, all the easier to headshot :grin:

(Although I do know someone who I think will wanna play the stabbier version of the sneaky elves)


Hehe yep, i feel like use of snares and traps will make this a fun character to play, but a really anmoying character to fight :blush:

I’m not sure how spec tree will looks like, but my preference will be a hybrid :wink:

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Wow, i like nimble classes and I hope this class will be so quickly. I really wait your game!! And I want to go to CBT. Good luck :+1:

I’m really curious about how possible a hybrid build would be. I remember Difi saying somewhere that you need to pick one of the subclasses, which I’d guess would limit your access to the skills for the other subclass. I’m sure there will be some skills that are usable by either subclass though, so there may be some sort of way to play both.

Lets hope there is lots of skill customisation see we can see lots of different builds. But tbh i think games can take this a little far, as an example PoE has taken skill building too far imo

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Ranged for sure but some sort of hybrid would be good too.

Very much interested in playin ranged path. That what i like the most stay away n use bow with arrows to down the target

Will need to see how the Stealth Mechanics work. Loved my WoW Rogue back in the day for assassinations but cant see there being OOC Permastealth.

Currently being pulled towards the melee direction… however too little info now… and many things could still change before release.

Liking the evasion, fast attack sequence thus far… wonder how far that would go…

Range sounds fantastic at PvP… thou who control the enemy m, control the battleground…

First character created was a warrior priest, but the first one I really started playing at length was the shadow warrior. I went with the silent blades path. I wanted to see how good the stealth and evasion is, and is pretty good.