Shadow Warriors: Those that stride where Nightmares fear to tread

Who you are:

Shadow warriors are the last surviving soldiers of Nagarythe; the first land invaded by Malekith’s traitorous horde during his bid for the Phoenix crown. The armies of Nagarythe were the first to discover how twisted their elven kin had become under Malekith, and those unfortunate enough to surrender were the victims of brutal tortures. Even worse are what Malekith’s newly christened Druchii, dark elves, did to the families and civilians of Nagarythe.

The first shadow warriors appeared shortly after, as Malekith’s Druchii advancd throughout the elven homelands, the armies of Caledor stood up against them. Despite commanding the mighty dragons of Caledor, the tide was looking grim early into the fighting. New Druchii engines of war drove volleys of black bolts into Caledor’s armies who were near total retreat until the bolts stopped. Appearing unseen, as if from the shadows, the warriors of Nagarythe struck at the Druchii war engines slaughtering the crews, burning the machines, and dragging off the Druchii survivors into the darkness from which they came.

The Druchii would find these newly named Shadow Warriors appearing whenever they approached victory against the High elven armies. Always they would appear, strike without mercy, and drag off prisoners never to be seen again. When the armies of Malekith finally broke, and fled from the elven home continent of Ulthuan, they found what had happened to those the shadow warriors took. Across the white cliffs of Nagarythe the Druchii were spread. Iron spikes nailing them to the stone face of the cliff, their blood staining the white stone so red that even now hundreds of years later the colour remains. The Druchii dared not go back for those on the wall who still showed signs of life, not wanting to risk such a fate themselves.

Who do you work for:

The Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe do not answer to the courts of the High Elven kingdoms in Ulthuan, but do not see them as enemies. Shortly after the Durchii fled Uthuan whispers and rumors began to spread of Alith Anar, the last price of Nagarythe and now the Shadow King stalking his former kingdom and finding the remaining Dark Elves that still lived. For years later it was not uncommon for those travelling in the area to find Druchii nailed to trees as a grisly reminder of the price the shadow warriors demand for the betrayal of the Druchii. When Ulthuan was cleansed they found their bloodlust not sated, and they spread to both the new world and the old world, searching for Druchii upon which to reap their vengeance.

Why are you here:

There is a single reason left for you, dear shadow warrior, to fight. Blood. The egregious crimes of the Druchii can never be forgiven and you can not rest until the oceans of the old world run red with their blood. While your kin from Ulthuan may not understand your quest, they are not your enemy. You are still Asur, and if you find them in need it is only right to save their blood from being spilled. If that means killing the Druchii in the process, all the better. But you do not answer to the rest of the Asur.

What are your Tactics:

The shadows are not your friend. You and the shadows are one in the same. You strike brutally and quickly. With bow or sword your focus is on dispatching your enemy as efficiently in battle as possible. Sometimes it is to your advantage to take the enemy alive, if that enemy is a Druchii they will die slowly. They will learn to fear the shadows. Short swords and smaller, lighter, bows make up your kit. With arrows carved from the dead trees of Nagarythe, every shot carries with it the pain of your kin.


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