Shadow Warrior, nerfed class, abilities that don't work as they should

It is already known by the official community of the game, that there are still several bugs and errors both in missions and scenario, as the characters themselves.
And today I came to report errors regarding skill damage.
The first skill I’m referring to is the “Opportunistic Strike” of the shadow warrior class.
It has base damage between 1200 and 1500, and with shadowcraft there is an additional 20, 50, and 100% on base damage.
When running tests I disputed that only the 20% really works. The 50 and 100% is only spent on shadowcrafts because the additional damage is still 20% …
The second is the Deft Strike skill, its base damage is between 820 and 1230, I did several tests and the maximum it could reach was 900, that is, the base damage is nerfed.
As if that wasn’t enough the additional damage with stealth and shadowcraft don’t go together, it’s funny a class made to deal damage at the expense of HP, having neither damage nor HP.
When you’re in stealth it’s guaranteed a critical damage, but if you’re stealthy and use the skill with shadowcraft, it forgets that shadowcraft exists and only deals the critical on top of the base damage that is already nerfed.
I hope to have answers about these situations, because it’s not cool for a character to be that broken.