Server structure / RP Server

Dear Community Manager;

How will the server structure be?
Where will the servers be located?
Are there multiple locations?
Is there an EU server?
West EU? East EU?
Many players are also interested in an RP server.
I can’t imagine the plans for servers aren’t ready yet.
It would be nice if you could tell your players about this.
And I realize that you can’t please everyone.

Will the servers have different language channels that you can join, such as French, German, Spanish channels etc.?

An official announcement would be good.
There are only fragments on the internet as it could be but unfortunately no facts.

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The full release is just around the corner. Just have to wait and see.

From what we know so far, all of the servers will be global. There will be two on launch, the current server, Taal, and a second fresh currently unnamed server to be released on global launch day.

I dont know enough to comment about the rest

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