Server count and cross platform

Is there any rough idea how many servers there will be? Assuming the beta servers will be separated between iOS and android but in live will they be cross platform?


Hi Mina,

We don’t have any information on exactly how many servers will be available at launch yet, but they will be cross platform so both Android and iOS devices can play together!


the only thing I have ever liked about a mmo multi servers is that you have to create another character to play another server … it would be great if the server you choose does not matter as long as your character can use it on any


If there is world bosses this might not be ideal. To switch from one server to another and take all the items earned from that server would leave that server depleted of items and the other server abundant. It just wouldn’t be fair to players of either server.

Could also have a buy to switch server option with a wait time between how long you can switch back i.e. 3 days or a week

I don’t think players should be allowed to switch servers at all, even if they have to pay to switch because after people start to switch servers eventually there will be one server concerned the “best” server and everyone will just go there and bring all their stuff with them.
If you play VR’s other game Celtic Heroes, the server Epona is a perfect example and you can’t even switch servers in that game but lots of people still go to Epona which makes every other servers have a low population and Epona overpopulated.

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I still want something that we can change our server like runescape or toram. Yeah maybe overcrowding might happen and not switching server is better but i think depends on the game and community, like what happened in dragon raja, you cant switch server but still many players go to pioneer server and many servers almost dead/nearly dying.The reason i want switching server is, i can play with my friends, always experiencing i cant catch up with them because we’re in different servers.

One server is really hard and lag will surely spikes like what albion did but i really love that thing (anime feels :sweat_smile:)

But for now, maybe the best thing is server lock.

A lot of times they merge low population servers

How about what maple story did? Just 1 server with like 30 rooms. This way you can probably keep the lagg to a minimum and 1 overall auctionhouse so prices will be the same for everyone instead of items being 3 times the value on some servers.
This probably is my favorite way to go.